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19 October 2010

Society medal designer on the money

Natasha Ratcliffe, who designed the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award medal, has been picked from nearly 30,000 entries in a Royal Mint public competition to design 50p coins commemorating the Olympics and Paralympics.

Her designs are for the sports of wheelchair rugby and handball. In all, 29 Olympic and Paralympic sports are featured on the new coins. About 87 million of these 50 pence pieces will be put into general circulation over the next two years.

Natasha said: "It was a huge national competition, with over 30,000 entries, so the odds of getting one was rare, to get two is incredibly lucky."

Other winners in the competition included a Manchester policeman, a delivery driver from Reading, a radiologist from Stoke, a bank clerk from Preston, a schoolgirl from Bristol and a 75-year-old retired social worker from Derby.

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