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18 June 2010

'High fives' all round as the Biochemical Journal breaks the Impact Factor 5 barrier!

In the latest data released by ISI (2009 Journal Citation Reports © Thomson Reuters) the Biochemical Journal's Impact Factor has increased to 5.155.

This moves the Journal up by 16 places in the JCR Biochemistry and Molecular Biology category. Many other general journals in this category saw their Impact Factors fall. The Cited Half-Life for the Biochemical Journal was maintained at > 10 years, reflecting the enduring importance and relevance of the papers.

Commenting on the latest ISI data, Professor Peter Shepherd, Chair of the Editorial Board of the Biochemical Journal, said, "I am really delighted with the news as 5 is a magical barrier in Impact Factor terms. The new Impact Factor is testament to the hard work of our excellent Editorial Board and the journal staff in London and La Jolla, who have been led by Rhonda Oliver in recent years. We believe that this will encourage even better submissions to the Biochemical Journal." Peter further added, "I am sure it is also a reflection of improvements in the Journal such as rapid review times, lack of page charges, the new Knowledge Environment system, the high-quality Editorial Board and our recent "Painless Publishing" strategy. This strategy acknowledges that many journals impose burdensome requirements on authors which often don't add much to the paper. Biochemical Journal Editors and reviewers are asked to judge papers on their novelty and importance in the field but are instructed to only ask for extra experiments if they are absolutely necessary to justify the conclusions made by the authors."

Professor Tom Blundell, President of the Biochemical Society, said, "This is a wonderful achievement for the Biochemical Journal and will make it a very attractive journal for authors in which to publish their exciting new findings".

The increase in Impact Factor comes at the same time as strategic development of the Journal with the launch of the Semantic Biochemical Journal to critical acclaim at the beginning of 2010 using a new tool Utopia Documents developed in conjunction with the University of Manchester. This innovation allows readers of Biochemical Journal PDFs to directly interact with the semantic web and so access huge amounts of information in real time.

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