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15 July 2011

Annual Reviews: Pushing the Boundaries, Maintaining the Quality

New Mobile Release, 80th Anniversary, JCR Success, Free Content

Palo Alto, CA - July 13, 2011. Annual Reviews, the nonprofit publisher that synthesizes critical research literature, is pleased to announce a new release of the mobile platform that enables full-text access to its 40 high-impact journals. The release coincides with the 80th anniversary of the organization's first title, the Annual Review of Biochemistry; in celebration, the journal's extensive 80th volume is available for free mobile access for the next 30 days. The organization is also pleased to announce that its Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry and Annual Review of Marine Science have quickly proven their
pedigree - both earned number one Impact Factor rankings in their respective categories in their first Journal Citation Reports (2010).

Further details about Annual Reviews Mobile:

* The Annual Reviews Mobile platform is powered by Atypon's Literatum for Mobile.

* Features include browsing of journals, issues, and abstracts; searching by keyword, author, and title; and access to full text, references, images, and related links via personal or institutional subscription.

* The latest release simplifies the process by which users can pair a device to their institution's access rights; pairing now takes place within the mobile browser (rather than through a separate app).

* The pairing period has also been extended (from 30 days to six months) and is initiated and automatically renewed each time a user logs in to Annual Reviews while connected to their institution's wi-fi network.

* The mobile platform now allows articles to be downloaded for offline reading, and supports sharing of abstracts and links via social networks.

* More details and pairing instructions are available at http://www.annualreviews.org/page/about/mobile

* This November, look for a case study of Annual Reviews' experiences in developing a mobile platform, to be published in Serials: connecting the knowledge community, the UKSG journal.

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