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13 January 2014
Panel of Six New Anti-Glutamate Receptor Antibodies From AbboMax and Their Function in the Central Nervous System and Other Organs.
The neurotransmitter glutamate (Glu) to glutamate receptors (GluRs) leading to the activation of multiple signaling pathways. Abbomax has developed a panel of six anti-GluR antibodies for the neuroscience research.

17 December 2013
Recent progress in neuroscience research and the new anti-GABAB1 receptor antibody from AbboMax, Inc.
GABA receptors are promising drug targets for a wide spectrum of psychiatric and neurological disorders. AbboMax, Inc. offers new anti-GABAB1 receptor polyclonal antibody as well as an extensive collection of neuroscience related antibodies.

6 November 2013
Phosphorylation: one of the hottest topics in cell biology research. Over 140 phosphospecific antibodies are developed in AbboMax, Inc.
Phosphorylation plays critical roles in the regulation of many cellular processes. It turns many protein enzymes on and off, thereby altering their function and activity. AbboMax, Inc. has developed over 140 phosphospecific antibodies.

14 October 2013
Good news for drug delivery researchers: AbboMax, Inc. offers a portfolio of innovative liposome reagents
Liposomes are artificially-prepared vesicles that are made out of the same material as a cell membrane. AbboMax offers liposome reagents can be filled with different substances and used as vehicles for drug delivery.

18 August 2010
AnaSpec Introduces SensoLyte® Biotin Quantitation Assay Kit
AnaSpec is pleased to announce the release of the FRET based biotin quantitation kit. The SensoLyte® Biotin Quantitation Assay Kit provides a convenient way to estimate the efficiency of biotinylation for biotin-protein conjugates.

26 May 2010
AnaSpec Introduces New SensoLyte® GSH and GST Assay Kits
AnaSpec has introduced two new glutathione (GSH) related kits - the SensoLyte® Glutathione Cellular Assay Kit and the SensoLyte® GST Activity Assay Kit

22 May 2010
AnaSpec Introduces Anti-5-Methylcytidine Monoclonal Antibody
AnaSpec has introduced the popular monoclonal antibody, anti-5-methylcytidine (Clone 33D3) for use in epigenetics research.

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